Promontory Point Conservancy

to protect and preserve

Promontory Point Park 

Burnham Park, Chicago


Photo by Eric Allix Rogers

May 26, 2022: Promontory Point Day 

Promontory Point Conservancy held a press conference that announced U.S. Congresswoman Robin Kelly's proposed funding authorization for a long-overdue preservation study of Promontory Point. Speakers included elected officials, regional experts and community members who stood up for and spoke out for a preservation approach at the Point. The Conservancy declared the 119th birthday of renowned landscape architect Alfred Caldwell and the 85th anniversary of the opening of Promontory Point Park to the public as the first annual Point Day!   


Read press coverage of U.S. Congressswoman Kelly's proposed funding and our press conference -- Read about Point Day Celebrations --  Read our press statement

Vanishing Point: the City's "locally preferred plan"

As it currently stands, the City's “locally preferred plan” means demolition of the limestone revetment and new construction of textured concrete and steel. We know that the City (CDOT), the Chicago Park District and the Chicago U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are moving forward with this plan.


This violates the legal requirements for repair and rehabilitation of the historic limestone: textured concrete (faux limestone) is NOT real preservation. And it destroys the enormous cultural and historical benefits of repair and rehabilitation and ignores needs for park equity on the South Side.


Faux limestone? Fauxgetit!

Destination Point: a preservation approach

Photo: David Schalliol


Repairing and resetting the historic limestone revetment at the Point is feasible, legal, more durable, more environmentally sound and may be cheaper than the City's plan of demolition and textured concrete.

Our Plan

  • maximum historic limestone

  • minimum concrete and disruption

  • safe and generous access (ADA compliance) for all to both the revetment and the water

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Clean-ups cancelled until further notice 

Hyde Park Together also hosts clean-ups of west Promontory Point Park regularly.

If you love the Point, join us to save it from demolition!


Questions about an event or donations for a bench?

The Conservancy does NOT issue park permits for BBQs, weddings,or other events, and it does NOT take donations for benches at the Point. The Chicago Park District does:

Here is the information on the Park District's website about grilling in parks:

Here is information on the Park District's website about whether your event will require a permit:

For inquiries about a bench at the Point, contact the Chicago Park District: