Promontory Point Conservancy

to protect and preserve

Promontory Point Park 

Burnham Park, Chicago


Photo by Eric Allix Rogers

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Vanishing Point: the City's "locally preferred plan"

The City's "locally preferred plan" means demolition of the limestone revetment and new construction of textured concrete (faux limestone) and steel at the Point. Chilling evidence shows the City's "locally preferred plan" is not a preservation approach and violates the Secretary of Interior Standards for repair and rehabilitation.

Photo: David Schalliol

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Destination Point: a preservation approach

A preservation approach continues to be feasible, more durable, more environmentally and ecologically valid, and may even be cheaper. Our plan for rehabilitation and repair includes:

  • maximum historic limestone

  • minimum concrete and disruption

  • safe and generous access (ADA compliance) for all to both the revetment and the water

We advocate a feasible, functional, preservation approach, not demolition and new construction

Upcoming Events


Photos by Nancy Hays courtesy of the Hyde Park Historical Society

Celebrate International Point Day on Point!

Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 4:00 PM, at the Point   Promontory Point Conservancy will hold a press conference announcing and designating May 26 as 'International Point Day,' celebrating the past and present of Promontory Point, which is cherished by south siders and former residents all over the world, and fighting for its future as a beloved park for generations to come. May 26 is the birthdate of Alfred Caldwell, the renowned landscape architect who designed the Point and its unique limestone step-stone revetment in the Prairie Style in 1937.


Saturday, May 28, 2022, a day-long event from 9 AM-5 PM, at the Point  The Conservancy will host the first annual International Point Day celebration, featuring art, musical and cultural performances, educational walking tours, family-friendly games and activities, free kites, yoyos, tshirts, and firewood for barbecuing at the fire pits, and more.

Saturday and Sunday, May 28-29, mornings and afternoons, at the Point  Tours of Promontory Point and the Point revetments co-sponsored with the Hyde Park Historical Society.  Bill Swislow has documented the 150+ art carvings at the Point: learn about his research into these carvers and the history of art on the revetment.  Jack Spicer leads tours of the landscape architecture of the Point that transforms a man-made peninsula into a natural stone, wilderness shoreline. Stay tuned for more details and times.

Sunday, May 29, 2022, 2:00 - 4:00pm  The History of Promontory Point and Nancy Hays' s Promontory Point photograph exhibition, with Jack Spicer, 2:00 - 4:00pm at the Hyde Park Historical Society, 5529 S. Lake Park, Chicago. 

Check back for more details as plans firm up. And join us to celebrate the Point at the Point!

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Join us for monthly clean-ups at the Point. We meet Sundays, 10:30am, east of the 55th Street tunnel at the National Register plaque.

22 May  (City-wide It's Your Park Day)

12 June 

10 July 

7 August 

11 September 

16 October 

13 November 

The Point tree inventory will run Sundays, 12 June, 10 July, 7 August, 11 September and 16 October simultaneous to the clean-ups. Contact us to volunteer. The tree inventory is part of the Chicago Parks Foundation's Pitch In For YOUR Parks program.

Hyde Park Together also hosts clean-ups of west Promontory Point Park regularly.

If you love the Point, join us to save it from demolition!


Questions about an event or donations for a bench?

The Conservancy does NOT issue park permits for BBQs, weddings,or other events, and it does NOT take donations for benches at the Point. The Chicago Park District does:

Here is the information on the Park District's website about grilling in parks:

Here is information on the Park District's website about whether your event will require a permit:

For inquiries about a bench at the Point, contact the Chicago Park District: