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The Conservancy's Parallel Process

The Conservancy's parallel process

Although the government agencies are delayed and awaiting funding, Promontory Point Conservancy (PPC) is beginning its parallel process much as it did back in 2002-2006. PPC strongly believes we already have a tried-and-true design for Promontory Point’s revetment: stepped stone, limestone revetment. What we need is a plan for rehabilitation and repair of the existing limestone revetment. We are seeking funds to cover:

  • an independent condition report and preservation engineering study;

  • an open and inclusive community engagement process; and

  • our strong and effective legal strategy

We will very soon be raising money to hire our own marine engineering firm with preservation experiences to:

  • conduct a current condition study of the revetment

  • update and evaluate the Galvin-Kalven studies, 2002-2005

  • initiate an engineering design study for rehabilitation and repair of the historic limestone revetment per Secretary of Interior Guidelines for Preservation

  • develop a creative adaptation for ADA compliance

  • estimate reliable maintenance costs for a restored limestone revetment over the next 80 year life of the limestone revetment

  • determine cost-benefit analysis for a preservation approach

We want to hear from and listen to the community. So we will hire a reputable community engagement firm to ensure an open and inclusive conversation with the community to complement the national/international marine engineering study. The Point continues to be a unique sanctuary in the City that draws people from all over the South Side and the wider City to swim and hang out safely in its natural beauty all year round. Capturing who enjoys the Point and why informs good design work and outcomes at the Point, and contributes to social, economic and environmental justice in the City. Needless to say, we want our marine engineers at the table with the USACE, CDOT and CPS. We seek collaboration and cooperation, and strive for a legal and credible preservation approach adopted by the partner government agencies. To fund this parallel process, PPC will very soon be reaching out for large and small donations. We are beginning to approach preservation-favorable foundations and are still researching preservation grants for non-governmental organizations. We will be asking for your financial support soon.

Photo credit: David Schalliol

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