• Debra Hammond

Just why does the City prefer concrete?

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The Guardian has a series about the environmental and economic hazards of concrete. The City (CDOT) and the Chicago Park District continue to advocate for the “locally preferred plan” of concrete and steel for Morgan Shoal and Promontory Point. The environmental hazards of concrete only add to the many other objections to replacing the 83-year old limestone revetment with new construction of concrete. The 2015 Morgan Shoal Framework Plan repurposed the historic limestone blocks in a step-stone revetment and a sloped walkway to the water. The City seems to have abandoned this portion of the Framework Plan in preference for concrete.

This while the City’s concrete lakefront appears to be eroding at half life on the North and South Sides. If it’s eroding this bad at mid-age, what major erosion to the City’s concrete revetment will happen in another 10-20 years?

Just why are the City and Park District pushing concrete at Morgan Shoal and Promontory Point when there's so many other, better and more creative alternatives?

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