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Point named top spot to visit in City

Hi there,

Just wanted to share the good news that Promontory Point just earned a shout-out in the recent Travel Lemming article on Where to Stay in Chicago, written by our Chicago local writer Nilani Thiyagarajah.

Travel Lemming is an independent online travel guide written by locals and expert travelers. Over 400,000 readers use our guides each month, and we're steadily growing. This guide will be used by Chicago travelers for several years to come, as they find us during their search and research process.

You can find your mention under the heading “Hyde Park” in the article here:

I know that Nilani worked really hard on it, so I hope you like it!

Congrats and cheers to a better 2022 for tourism,


Editor, Travel Lemming

PS - So cool that The Point is the last stretch of 1930s WPA limestone on the waterfront!


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