• Debra Hammond

Data Point: tree inventory this summer

Promontory Point Conservancy will conduct a tree inventory of east and west park trees at Promontory Point this coming summer. Volunteers interested in participating may attend a mandatory training by Openlands and Hyde Park TreeKeepers on how to take a tree inventory. The training will be held at the Midway Plaisance on April 29, 9:00am, starting at the skating rink field house. At this training, you will receive inventory sheets for recording tree health and location, tree ID booklets, and expert, hands-on guidance.

Please register here for the Openlands' training to prepare for inventoring the trees at the Point later this summer. The Conservancy will conduct its tree inventory on Sundays, June 12, July 10, August 7, September 11 and October 16, at 10:30am, as part of its monthly clean-up schedule.

Since it's highly likely that construction will begin at the Point in about two years, it's important to have a tree inventory completed. If the City paves the Point with concrete as it has the rest of the lakefront, then all the trees in the parkland along the revetment will be clear-cut for demolition equipment and concrete trucks. Also some trees along the meadow will be destroyed for staging and grinding the limestone blocks to rubble for truck removal. This loss will include some old growth, Caldwell planted trees. The Point also lost some trees on the northeast end during high-water winter storms in 2016-17 and 2018-19. This tree inventory will give us a benchmark against which to measure future damage and destruction of trees from lake wave action and from construction.

If preservation construction, however, begins at the Point instead of the City's "locally preferred plan" of demolition and new construction, repairing-in-place and repositioning the limestone blocks can be completed from barges and will not damage trees along the parkland.

And repair and rehabilitation can be done is separate sections at different times so the Point never would close down for 2.5 - 4 years as per the City's "locally preferred plan".

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