• Debra Hammond

Art on the Revetment

Bill Swislow’s new book Art on the Revetment features many historic carvings on the now demolished limestone revetment along most of Chicago’s lakefront as well as the carvings still on view at Morgan Shoal and Promontory Point. Read about Bill's fascinating research in the Hyde Park Herald or watch his presentation and see for yourself on the Conservancy's website. To order a book, contact Bill at

Bill reports that the best surviving lakefront carving "was basically destroyed, or buried in the course of emergency repairs at Morgan Shoal last spring. Doesn't bode well. Of course, even worse if the City has truly abandoned the idea of incorporating the quarry stone into the Morgan Shoal Plan. I wonder what else might be changing. Unfortunately, probably not the impassable rubblestone revetments that the City's own documents show for most of the Morgan Shoal site."

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