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Aerial view of Morgan Shoal from the 2015 Morgan Shoal Framework Plan

Morgan Shoal stands upon the Chicago lakefront from 45th Street to 51st Street, covering about 4,500 feet. At Morgan Shoal, the bedrock, found 90 feet below downtown Chicago, protrudes to the surface and is exposed. In July 1914, the Silver Spray passenger ship hit the Shoal and sank. The remains of the wreck can be seen from shore. Many South Siders have fond memories of Pebble Beach at Morgan Shoal. In 2014-2015, members of the community and the Chicago Park District held four meetings and developed together the Morgan Shoal Framework Plan.

Promontory Point Conservancy completely supports the Morgan Shoal Framework Plan and is excited that the Chicago Park District, CDOT and US Army Corps of Engineers are moving ahead constructing this design. It was an excellent, award-winning, community-based design process, and that’s exactly what we want for Promontory Point and its historic limestone revetment too! We only wish the Chicago Park District and its consultant SmithGroup had reached out more extensively into the Bronzeville community (Yes, members of this community use the South lakefront too.) to deepen and enrich community engagement about the Morgan Shoal's Framework Plan. But it's not too late for the Park District to do just that! And, of course, we want good, thorough, thoughtful community input from start to finish at the Point too!