About Promontory Point Conservancy

Promontory Point Conservancy

Promontory Point Conservancy was established in 2004 by the Illinois Secretary of State under the State's general Not For Profit Act for the purpose of protecting and preserving Promontory Point Park, Burham Park, Chicago.

Promontory Point Conservancy members:
Jorge Sanchez
Michael Scott
Clinee Hedspeth
Brigid Maniates
Matt Isoda
Rebecca Hall
Bruce Johnstone
Connie Spreen
Don Lamb
Jim Des Jarden
Sam Clendenning
Brenda Nelms
Jack Spicer
Debra Hammond

More information about Promontory Point

To learn more about the "Save the Point" Campaign head to the archived site here

Click here to read the registration form for the National Register of Historic Places. 

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